About Us

CyanLABS is a leading consultancy and software developer company focusing in the printing industry.

We provide expertise and technical know-how to enable our customers succeeds in the printing industry, We have developed Innovative System, to solve customer’s problem, Our partnership has given our customers a competitive edge which enables them to be the fore-front of the business.

When a problem presented to us, we learnt every variable that has an impact on it. Our team comprises an exception- ally talented mix of people who have the vision to produce innovative solutions and the specialist skills to solve complex challenges.

Our Works

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We help our client build their infrastructure, the very foundation of their business. With our knowledge of the latest trend of technology in the world and our connec- tion to printshop owners, Media, Investors, Printing Vendors. We can help you to expand to a new market, increase your brand value and making your operational work more efficient

Clients & Affiliates


Dengan pengalamannya di bidang printing, software yang dihasilkan pun sesuai dengan yang kita, para pemilik toko printing butuhkan

Printshop Owners

Sudah sangat handal dan dapat dipercaya dalam membuat photobook

Printshop Owners

Konsultasi lah dengan cyanlabs, jika anda seorang awam di dunia printing. Anda tak perlu menghabiskan waktu lagi untuk trial & eror

Printshop Owner

On asia scale, Cyanlabs are very potential to be the leader in Software solution

Printshop Owner

Contact Us

  • The City Tower, 12th Floor - Unit 1N
    JL MH Thamrin No 81 Jakarta 10310 Indonesia
  • +62-21 29553691
  • Info@cyanlabsid.com